Legal Service Details

Debt Recovery

We are involved in the debt recovery process amongst defaulters. In particular, the debt recovery team, headed by the Managing Partner deals in:-

·         Enforcement of securities including mortgages, charges, guarantees, hire purchase contracts and chattels mortgages;

·         Individual, Business, Secured and Unsecured debt;

·         Engaging services of a Personal Investigator mainly in cases of unsecured debt to establish the whereabouts of the Debtor as well as trace any assets owned by the Debtor;

·         Ensuring that notices are served to the Debtor personally and through registered mail and to the correct postal addresses;

·         Inviting Debtors to our offices to negotiate a repayment plan subject to Client’s approval;

·         Making frequent calls to the Debtor to follow up on payment and maintain constant engagement with the Debtor;

·         Carrying out personal visits to the Debtors business/residential premises to discuss modalities of re-payment.

·         Ensuring that the provisions of the Land Registration Act, 2012 are complied with in matters where the recovery cases get to litigation stage.